The official podcast of @alexdistefano's exciting new techno label Drum Chapel. A one hour journey through the world of raw and peak time techno with a hard techno finale. Every month. 

@drumchapelrec · Drum Chapel Podcast 007 | with Alex Di Stefano

Drum Chapel Podcast 007 - Tracklist:

1. Krzysiek Teper - F**k Raw (Original Mix) [Say What?]
2. N.O.B.A - X code (Original Mix) [Vibes Addikt]
3. Alex Di Stefano - Chemistry (Original Mix) [CODEX]
4. Mattia Saviolo, Subject23 - Valkyrie (Original Mix) [Kraftek]
5. Alex karakasis - impact (Original Mix) [Remain Records]
6. Belocca, A*S*Y*S - Ethereal 303 (Original Mix) [Mainground Music]
7. Filterheadz, Pagano - Archimedes (Original Mix) [CODEX]
8. Carl Shorts - Initiate (Original Mix) [Mechanikal]
9. Jeremy Luycx - Corrupted Mind (Original Mix) [Ethernum Music Group]
10. D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Brentus Maximus - Charlie On The Moon (Original Mix) [Hydraulix]
11. Smith Brown - Atoms Electrons (Extended Mix) [Techburst Records]
12. Deddak - Crescendo (Original Mix) [Eclipse Recordings]
14. PETDuo - We've Got The Guns (Original Mix) [Flesh and Hammers]
15. Svetec - Your Favourite Little Chaos (Original Mix) [Mad Made]
16. Nifty Cat - Bazzo Picchu (Original Mix) [Sonaxx Records]
17. D.A.V.E. The Drummer - Dirty Synth Rave (Per Pleks Remix) [Arkham XXX]
18. MarAxe - Olmec (Original Mix) [Transfiguration Recordings]


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