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Fire FX Sample Pack Volume One

Fire FX Sample Pack Volume One

Alex Di Stefano

Alex Di Stefano Presents Fire FX Sample Pack Volume One.

Step into the sound laboratory of Alex Di Stefano and explore the creative depths of his latest offering, 'Fire FX'. This sample pack is unlike any other, providing producers with a comprehensive collection of versatile and distinctive sound effects. From the pulsating chord FX to the rhythmically intricate percussion FX, to the atmospheric vocal drones, each sound is expertly crafted to bring a new level of excitement to your music.

Included in this pack are 270 individual FX samples separated into 5 folders, totaling a massive 1.3gb unzipped, giving you the freedom to choose from an array of sounds to create a dynamic and engaging experience for your listeners. Alex Di Stefano is well-known for his precise attention to detail and has made a name for himself as a master of tech-trance and techno. With this sample pack, you can now infuse your own productions with the same level of intricacy and expertise.

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  • Tempo

    136 BPM

  • Genre

    Techno | Tech Trance

  • Format


  • Size

    1.03 GB (Compressed)
    1.3 GB (Uncompressed)

  • Compatible With

    Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro X, Presonus Studio One, Reason, and more

  • Includes

    50 x Chord FX
    50 x FX
    60 x Percussion FX
    50 x Tones & Drones FX
    60 x Vocal Drone FX